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Mu Stack Recognized as One of the Most Reviewed It Services Companies in Dallas

Mu Stack is a niche IT company with vast experience in the technology space. For years, we’ve been enabling businesses of all sizes to overcome their toughest operational challenges. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve been included in The Manifest’s 2022 list of the most reviewed IT services agencies in Dallas!  

To celebrate this momentous milestone, let’s take a look at how we got qualified for this award: 

In 2011 

Mu Stack was founded to support organizations through modern business solutions. We provide our partners with the digital engineering and IT consulting services they need to effectively grow and scale. Through the leadership of Bharat Bhate, our CEO, we empower our partners with utmost efficiency through results-oriented strategies. 

In 2020 

NetResolute is a business services company that required software development solutions from us. The main objective of our collaboration was to build an APS that enabled automation features to supplement the clients’ main functions.  


“They helped us by giving us a better solution for our application. When it came to deadlines, they were able to complete the tasks by that given time. 

They defined the deadlines and were into proper requirement gatherings.”  

— Arpit Mehta, Product Manager, NetResolute 

In 2022 

 The Manifest unveils its latest research, featuring the top reviewed vendors in Dallas. We’re proud to be recognized as a leading IT company that prioritizes client satisfaction. As a passionate provider of evolving technology services, we couldn’t be more appreciative of our partners who continuously put trust in our team’s vision and what we can accomplish. 

 If you’re interested in a partnership with us, please get in touch with us right away!